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Building & Property Maintenance Cornwall Ltd

Park Homes, Holiday Lodges & Residential Chalets.

Specialist external Park Home paints like our supplier Resitex, and their product Resifine have elastic properties engineered into them to compensate for the expansion and contraction of the external plywood or Magnesium Oxide board walls during seasonal shifts.  

Re-application has been proven to be necessary, and our conversations with the technical teams at Pathfinder, Resitex advise to repaint within 2 years from new, then no longer than 2-3 years thereafter both Gold Shield & Platinum Seal insurance companies will ask to see evidence of an invoice / receipt from a competent, registered business supporting a claim on building defects.  

Our experience would suggest to strictly adhere to this maintenance schedule!

However on Park Homes over 10 years old  and as long as they show no signs of cracking, water ingress or damage, the maintenance schedule could be stretched to be between 4 – 5 years depending on location, after any extended warranty expires or unless your insurance cover states other wise! By this time the majority of the settlement / movement would have happened.  

The areas that are most vulnerable are around doors and windows as they are subject to movement, fracture & cracking, and if they go unnoticed they lead to significant & costly damage.

We are very proud in offering our 5 step system which includes an anti fungal treatment, the work usually takes 2 days to complete and ticks all the boxes with the Insurers, Manufacturers and the Paint Suppliers.

And if you ever need to claim! our invoice system is digital, so you always have a copy and if you lose, delete or can not find yours we will forward you with a duplicate. Free Of Charge.


We are confident that BPM Cornwall Ltd supply the right Service / Practices, at the Right Price, are the best choice for you and guarantee to supply a full 5 star service every time.  

Below we have added some pictures of what can happen if the advice is ignored! this particular problem derived from a lack of maintenance and then 2 poorly executed repairs that meant we was called to put it all right for the 3rd and final time.    Call Today.

Do Not Let This Happen to You!

Special Homes need Special Care!

 We Only Use Accredited Paint Suppliers & High Quality Park Home Specific Materials.   

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