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The Perfect View Through Streak Free Glazing .

Large or small we have a solution that meets your needs!

We offer a very competitive price scale for larger buildings the more windows you have the cheaper it becomes.

Coming soon is our Pressure washing & Jet Cleaning services !

Great for decks,paving swimming Pools & and out door furniture that has faced our hard Cornwall & Devon winter!

Window Cleaning. Our List Of Quality equipment Manufactures.

Our ultra light weight telescopic pole system is super efficient and uses PH Neutral water due to how we purify it through our special reverse osmosis filtration system !

 Please feel free to call if you would like a one to one visit and discuss your particular requirements.

If you sign up with us with and pay by standing order we will give you a further discount !

“ Discounts vary on the size of the property “

Maintenance Contracts Available

We are Cheaper than you think !